Buyers Tips

Things to look for when buying a home?

Today’s buyers have many different priorities when it comes to buying a home. Arizona is a great family or retirement location for most people. It is important to know what to look for and some of the things other buyers are aware of.

Neighborhood wants and needs for buyers

  • Safety: Over 80% of buyers say a safe neighborhood is one of the most important factors for them.
  • Walkability: Walking distance to a school or shopping area is a feature that almost every home buyer looks for. 
  • Overall neighborhood: Everyone wants to live in an area of town that is popular!
  • Commute to work or school: Tougher to find, only 50% of buyers keep this at the top of their list.
  • Offers a sense of community: Having good neighbors or events in the area is a big plus for buyers. Keep this in mind if you have young kids or a young family. 
  • Close to family and friends: Only half of buyers use this as a “must have”. If you can get it, more power to you!

Home features buyers want

  • Budget: By far the most important factor for buyers, It is ok to stretch the budget for your dream home!
  • Air conditioning: In Arizona, this is a feature that over 80% of buyers have at the top of their list. 
  • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms: Purchase within reason. 
  • Private outdoor space: A nice secluded backyard or front yard is something 70% of buyers look for their first time touring homes.
  • Square footage: Not the most important feature for most buyers, but get what you are comfortable with.

Sellers Guide

The easy home selling process with the M Team: 

  • Choose a real estate agent for you
  • Prepare your home to be listed
  • Your agent goes to work – Marketing, internet ads & open houses.
  • Review and negotiate offers with your agent

Making a great first impression with your home: 

  • Minor repairs can make all the difference 
  • Make your home sparkle by cleaning up and making the home look new and presentable
  • Do not be in the home during showings and visits. 
  • Keep your pets out of the way

Home Sellers Statistics

  • 88% of sellers agents say they stage all homes they are trying to sell. No matter if their easy or tougher to sell
  • The most common rooms staged in a home are the living room 93%, kitchen 84%, master bedroom 78%, and dining room 72&.
    • The rooms to leave out would be laundry room, kids rooms, garage, closets, backyards 
  • The median dollar amount spent on staging is around $400.
  • Around 30% of agents sellers have reported a 1-5% increase in price offers on staged homes compared to similar properties. 
  • Over half of sellers’ agents reported a decrease in the time on the market when a home was staged

Compare Properties

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